Unilegal Consulting Pty. Ltd., was established in 1999 by its sole director, Katherine Johnson, PhD.
It was established to accommodate the many dispute resolution services provided by Katherine over the years as:
  • workplace grievance disputes Mediator,
  • an Employment Assistance Program (EAP) counselling psychologist
  • a critical incident debrief psychologist (Police and Fire incidents)
  • a practising barrister in Family, Industrial, Defamation and Commercial Law
  • a tutor/ lecturer in Dispute Resolution courses and Law courses for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students at UTS, Macquarie, UWS,
  • an accredited Mediator on various Government and non-Government Panels
  • a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP)
  • a Migration Agent until 2018
  • a Grade 3 Arbitrator until 2015
  • an accredited National Trainer /Educator Coach/ assessor of Mediators in Australia.
  • an accredited international Educator/ trainer of Mediators in PNG and in Mongolia
Unilegal Consulting Pty. Ltd. has sponsored many events over the years where Katherine has been a guest speaker at various National Conferences for Law and Mediation.
It continues to streamline its Dispute Resolution Services in Psychology, Education and Law as it looks for an interdisciplinary approach with which to handle disputes as agents for social change.
Katherine is a Founding Member of the Council for Alternate Dispute Resolvers (CADR), a Fellow of ADRA and a Fellow of Resolution Institute (RI).
Katherine has also been appointed as a Fellow of the World Mediation Organisation.

Katherines Resumé

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