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Latest Contributions

Latest Contributions

PAVE 2021 Video Recordings

Max Harrison talks on the original applications of dispute resolution:

19 January: Dr Tamara Carlin, the vet who “talks to the animals”

16 February 2021 : Dr Archana Parashar: Teaching Law to change the Society

16 March 2021: Julie Costello – Ex Lifeline and 4 Corners production manager t.b.a. watch this space in March

20 April 2021: Dr Belinda Khong : “Dare we speak about responsibility in the same breath as rights and compassion?” Public Talk for Pave for Peace

25th December 2021: Ashley Wood Presents a History of Musicals

18th Jan 2022: What Place the Rule of Law in COVID times ?

15th Feb 2022: PAVE February Meeting Jenny Hampson

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