Refurbishment of the Peace Pole
Refurbishment of the Peace Pole

Refurbishment of the Peace Pole

PAVE has commissioned a total refurbishment of its PEACE POLE which proudly sits in the garden on Level 9 of NSW Parliament House. The Peace pole outlines the major functions of PAVE since its inception in June 1996 until its 20th celebrations: as follows:

PAVE the Way to PEACE


The World Peace Prayer Society founded in Japan by Henry Kawada (President), with Kerry McCarthy as Secretary, awarded a Peace Pole to PAVE the Way to PEACE (PAVE) in November 1998 to commemorate PAVE’s national attempts to promote Peace with its indigenous communities from its inception in June 1996.

PAVE presented the Peace Pole as a gift to NSW Parliament House to commemorate the ongoing Reconciliation movement via the Secretary of Aboriginal Affairs in 1998, Colin Markham,with thanks to the Honorable Peter McDonald (Host M.P) and the Honorable John Murray (speaker). The esteemed Aboriginal Elders, Alli Golding and Juanita Sherwood accepted the Peace Pole on behalf of the Aboriginal communities as a permanent reminder for all Australians to strive for Peace.

The original Foundation members of PAVE initiated a formal celebration of the Peace Pole by inviting Lama Ganchen, a former pupil of the Dalai Lama, to attend the ceremony with further esteemed Aboriginal Elders Max Harrison and Tex Scuthorpe. An outstanding all day conference with 65 participants ended triumphantly in an overnight stay at a sacred Aboriginal site with about 30 participants.

In October 2001, PAVE initiated a conference with 64 participants to discuss the effects of the 9/11 events on world peace. The discussion was convened by Simon Longstaff with esteemed panel members such as Stella Cornelius, and Steve Marks. PAVE’s first international conference with 45 participants followed in November 2011 in Sydney, to discuss the international repercussions of 9/11on world peace.

To commemorate 10 years of service on 18 July 2006, an Aboriginal smoking ceremony was held in NSW Parliament House (level9) by Aboriginal Elders Max Harrison and Alli Golding, thanks to Meredith Bergman (host MP and Speaker). A two hour seminar followed with Guest speaker, Dr. Astrid Birgdin, and Master of Ceremonies, Colin Markham former M.P. with his wife Melissa Markham and 22 other participants.

In June 2011, PAVE commemorated its 15th Year of Service thanks to the Honorable Penny Sharpe (Host M.P.) A smoking ceremony conducted by Max Harrison was followed by a half day conference with guest speaker Sir Laurence Street, discussing the achievements of his mother, Jessie Street, a firm advocate for Peace. In attendance at the conference was His Honour High Court Judge, Justice Michael Kirby with 35 other participants.

On 21 June 2016 PAVE celebrates its 20 years of service with thanks to the Honorable Penny Sharpe (Host M.P). A presentation of PAVE’s webpage designed by Simon Olsen follows a smoking ceremony by Max Harrison where a refurbished Peace Pole is re-presented to continue its presence in the gardens of NSW Parliament House. The one day conference features a premier viewing of the feature film of Max Harrison talking about being a part of country to go back to the roots of PAVE’s award of the Peace Pole for its work with indigenous communities.

Founder and Coordinator of PAVE the Way to PEACE: Dr. Katherine Johnson.
Current Foundation Members: Vivien Wolff, Julie Costello, Norm Neil, Ashley Wood.

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